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Hygiene Guidelines for In-Person Classes

Registration for In-Person Classes

  • Due to the rules for social distancing, each in-person class is limited to 7 students. To come to class, each student must book the class through Setmore to register for in-person classes. 

  • Once you registered for your in-person class, you can cancel the booking 12 hours before the class started, otherwise you will be charged for that class.


Before Class

  • Wait in front of the room until i opens the door and keep 1.5 meters/ 6 feet distance.

  • In the studio, everyone must wear a mask unless they are on their yoga mat.

  • Please apply hygiene (hand washing, cleaning, use of props) and social distancing rules (1.5 m/6 ft) while in the Praxis area.

  • For changing clothes, You can change in the bathroom cabins or come in your yoga clothes.

  • Before and after class, you must wash your hands with soap + warm water and use the disinfectant provided.

  • Before class, please sign in with your name, date, time of class, telephone number, and email address. Pens will be provided.

  • If you visit the bathroom while you’re in the Praxis, we ask that you disinfect the area before and after use. Cleaning supplies will be available.

Yoga Props

  • All students must bring their own yoga mat and blocks.

  • If possible, please bring your own yoga blankets.

  • Before class, student yoga mats must be placed within the marked spaces in the yoga room and all other yoga props directly next to the mat.

During Class

  • During the class, students may remove their masks once they are on their mat.

  • Singing OM will be done silently.

  • We ask that students stay on their mat as much as possible.

  • The room will be kept well ventilated (windows open), so that air flow is constant. Please bring warm clothes for relaxation.

After Class

  • Please disinfect any yoga studio chairs and blocks (if it used).

  • Fold up and store any yoga props staying in the Yoga room.

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