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LYT classes


All classes are based on LYT method®

LYT method® is the perfect marriage of movement and anatomy grounded in the principals of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental training.

The classes are dynamic, features creative and flowing sequences  to build up Strength, Mobility and Adaptability.

Runner stretch


This is class series, you will learn the foundational moves and functional anatomy that give you the necessary scaffolding to inform and inspire your yoga practice! Specific focus is given to the neutral pelvis and spine and hip mobility, for a strong and sustainable practice that is appropriate for beginners.

Quad stretch

LYT Primary

This multi-level class includes a LYT Reset, two to three full sequences, and Sun Salutations, while offering slightly more time to transition than our Advanced level classes.

Attention to safety and alignment, deep core engagement, and thorough, full-body strengthening and lengthening is guaranteed.

Reverse table


This class works from a curated sequence (set) that first lays down the brain mapping for improved movement patterns; it then increases demand through repetition, increasing strength. flexibility, and mobility. 

Get ready to set yourself up for more energy on and off the mat! Light hand weights are optional to challenge the balance, maintain Triple S posture, and fortify the bones and muscles. Ideal for those concerned with managing osteopenia/osteoporosis or its prevention.

Back bend

LYT Core Flow Advance

This class is a step up in speed and intensity level from our LYT primary class. Following the same LYT blueprint, it is for those who love to sweat, warm the body through core-integrated movement, and explore the addition of plyometrics in almost every flow. Detail to alignment makes this a fun introduction to some of the more complicated postures and arm balances.

Twisted crescent lunge

LYT Bliss

A slow, breath-filled vinyasa class that start with the LYT Reset to gently integrate the core, 2 sequences and modified Sun Salutations. The flow will include some classic yoga postures, with limited twisting and careful weight bearing. Ideal for those with bone, joint, GI issues and other movement restrictions. 

Personal training

Private 1:1

A private class is perfect for you if you need to focus on certain poses, if you have restrictions that need more attention and modification strategies to reach your goal, or to get more focus on your practice in your own schedule. This class will adjust to what you need in your practice.

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