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Cristina, Bad Soden

I have many orthopaedic issue and some of the reason I chose to do Yoga is to strengthen my body and increase my flexibility. There are many kinds of Yoga available but Poppy's knowledge of how the body works and the way she choreographs her sessions make her class the ultimate workout. Her sense of humor and casual attitude make you feel like you are hanging out with your best friend.

Agnes, Moldova

Poppy is a super professional and friendly  teacher! I enjoy every lesson with her. Unfortunately, I can only attend her classes online, as I am not living in Germany, BUT: it is great! And she sees everything ;) Also online she advises me how to better do the different figures etc. Definitely always the highlight of my day, when I can join Poppy's class!

Tita, Bonn

The best movement method I've ever tried and highly recommended for everyone in every level of fitness journey. Poppy is very friendly, kind and professional LYT Method teacher. I alway feel good after every class.

Neda, Bad Soden

I'm having a very positive experience at this place. It is very clear that the instructor, Poppy, is extremely professional. I've had a knee problem for over a couple of years, with much pain and not being able to squat all the way down or kneel. After just a few sessions, I did it! I was able to squat and my knee pain has significantly decreased. I highly recommend trying it out!

Meita, Frankfurt

I enjoy Poppy’s LYT classes very much. She helps me with my lower back pain. Her knowledge about movement and human anatomy is amazing! I always feel great after her classes. Totally recommend everyone to join her class!.

Lena, Australia

Poppy helped me from supraspinatus substance tear and tennis elbow which was so painful. After one month intensive session via zoom, I'm pain free and able to be back to work. She is caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable teacher.



I've experienced extreme knee pain for 3 year which quite bothering my activity and also neck pain. I went to several hospitals, Physiotherapist, and tried several treatments but it didn't change anything. It slowly gets worse. I had MRI and the result was shocking! I had Chronic Partial ACL tear, Chondromalacia Patella, bone bruise, etc. So my doctor suggested me to not doing any exercises except swimming. The fact was, I feel so much pain every time I swim. 

I can't imagine if I didn't meet Poppy and only doing swimming or doing wrong exercises, my knee probably will get worse. 

Many thanks to Glejita Movement for introducing LYT Method to me. I've been to several yoga classes before, but this one is a bit different. I've learned a lot about what my body are capable of, i get to know myself better, i feel a lot healthier and stronger. And the most important thing is THE PAIN ON MY KNEE IS SLOWLY GONE! YEAYYY. Last week i went back to Orthopedic Specialist to check on my progress. I told the doctor about all the exercises I did and he agrees all those exercises are good for my healing progress, and that it should start to be my lifestyle from now on. For now i didn't even have to go back to the doctor anymore unless i'm in so much pain again. Thank you so much Poppy for helping me to get better. Words cannot express the gratitude i feel for you. I know this is only just the beginning, and i'm getting there 💪🏼 looking forward to get to know better about LYT Method.

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